Procedure Overview:

Orthodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on the correction of both abnormally sequenced teeth and a lack of alignment between the lower and upper jaws. Previously, orthodontists could only correct the visible front teeth, but thanks to advances in technology, problems with contact between the teeth (occlusion) and other jaw-related issues can now be solved as well. Today, orthodontic experts can even correct the position of the jawbone in the facial skeleton, as well as congenital anomalies such as cleft lips or cleft palates.

Orthodontists receive extra training above and beyond that of normal dentists. In general, dentists wishing to become orthodontists must specialise in the field for four to six years after becoming a dentist and are required to submit a thesis and pass an exam before becoming fully certified.

Your dentist can provide general information as to whether orthodontic treatment is required, but only an orthodontist can provide detailed information regarding treatment, duration and cost in the event that such work is required. Orthodontists can determine whether you require orthodontic treatment, as well as its type and duration, following a comprehensive consultation, a detailed oral and dental examination that includes X-rays and the creation of a jaw model, as well as a thorough inspection of your medical and dental history.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are replacement teeth. They’re small metal fixtures that are fitted to your jawbone. The metal in the implant then fuses with the bone to create a permanent bond. Once the fixtures are fused, artificial teeth are attached. They’re designed to look and feel just like your natural ones. You won’t be able to feel the difference, and no one will be able to tell that your sparkling new smile is due to cosmetic surgery.

This procedure is life-changing. It can transform your biggest insecurity into your biggest source of confidence. It’s a shame that it’s made so inaccessible due to the high cost that some UK clinics charge. Some clinics, but not ours.

We offer safe and reliable medical tourism at an affordable rate. To do this, we work with partners in the UK, Turkey, Spain, and Poland. All our partners are thoroughly vetted by our medical team before they can work with us. Our vetting process checks that the clinic has the right accreditations and a flawless track record. Your safety and peace of mind are paramount. If you have any questions about our process, then click here.

Benefits Of dental implants

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved speech
  • They can last a lifetime
  • They’re easy to look after
  • You’re not limited to the foods that you can eat (like you are with dentures)

Dental Implant Surgery:

The surgery starts with a consultation. During this appointment, x-rays will be taken and your medical history will be checked. If everything looks okay, then you move on to the next step.

Part two of the process involves damaged teeth being removed. Your jawbone is then drilled into, and the implants are placed. This is all done under an anaesthetic so that you feel as comfortable as possible. After the area has healed and the implant has fused to your bone, an abutment will be added. This is the section that connects the artificial tooth to the fixture.

Once the abutments are added, you’re ready to receive your new smile. A mould is taken of your existing teeth and an artificial set is created. You now have two options. You can choose between a removable set of teeth or fixed placed ones.

After the surgery, you might feel bruising. This discomfort will only be momentary whilst the positive effects will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions after this surgery, then our 24/7 personal UK operator is always on hand to help. If you’d rather get in touch now, then click here to contact us.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Prices for dental implants start from ***. They will vary depending on the country that you chose. For example, dental surgery in Turkey is more cost-effective than in the UK. We also offer bespoke packages for all surgeries. You can travel on a budget and stay at three-star B&B’s. Or you can increase the price and stay somewhere a little more luxurious. The choice is yours.

Before and After

Below are some examples of dental implant surgeries that have been undertaken by our partners. Although the images demonstrate the quality of the procedure an its amazing results, they are unable to show the changes it made to our customers’ self-esteem. They’re no longer afraid to
laugh, and a smile comes to their face without a single worry.

Are you ready to love your smile?
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